Penguins Awareness Day
On the 20th of January 2024 Oman Aquarium celebrated Penguins Awareness Day, with presence of the honored guest Mr.Said AlShanfari, the CEO of the Oman Convention and Exhibition Center. As Oman Aquarium hosts of 14 South African Penguins, the event raises awareness about flightless birds whose numbers are dwindling by the day and promotes sustainable development in the field of the environment of these penguins. As it’s an opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge about South African Penguins and to learn more about the penguins and understand the situation they’re in. It is also interesting to join the discussion on how Oman Aquarium is going to transform over the next few years.
We in Oman aquarium are proud to embrace and take care of a bunch of these penguins and providing a healthy environment for their survival and reproduction and we have already succeeded. Where our penguin teams succeeded in taking care of the egg of one of the penguins until it hatched and then took care of the penguin chick, the penguin is now two years old and is in good health and was named Oman. Currently, we have another chick and eggs, and the team is working hard to provide the care needed to make the hatching process work using different technology. The second penguin that was born is “Luban” who was hatched on 19th of September 2023.
The Aquarium announced the birth of a healthy baby penguin, who was hatched on 29th December 2023. This is the third and youngest penguins was born in Oman Aquarium after the penguin “Luban”. The penguin is the baby of proud penguin parents Zanzi and Noah. The little chick penguin has an official name of “Majan” as has been announced during the event day.