1st Indoor Aquarium in Oman

Ahmad Bin Majid sailor story
Oman Aquarium is built based on the adventures of the famous Omani seafarer Ahmed Ibn Majid.
Ahmed ibn Majid was an Arab navigator, cartographer and poet born in 1421 in Julphar, known in present day as Ras Al Khaimah. Raised in a family of seafarers, at 17 he was an excellent ship navigator. His exploits became popular through-out the region and he was fondly called “The Shooting Star” for his strength and bravery as a sailor.
Known to be the first Arab seaman, Ibn Majid wrote many books on oceanography. The Fawa’dh fi-Usl Ilm al-Bahrwa-al-Qawaidah (The Book of the Benefits of the Principle of Seamanship) is considered as one of his best works. He also wrote Kitab al-Fawa’id (Book of Lessons on the Foundation of the Sea and Navigation)
He was famous in the West for allegedly helping Vasco da Gama find his way from Africa to India, which created an important route between Portugal and India.
Oman Aquarium follows Ibn Majid on his adventures around the Indian Ocean to as far away as Africa and Indonesia and back to Oman.
Experience the famous sailor’s historical adventures in contemporary time with Oman Aquarium as we follow Ahmad ibn Majid’s famous route. We start in Salalah, where there is lush green vegetation and colourful freshwater fishes like Tilapia swim through the flooded wadis of the Khareef. Then move towards the mountains and deserts of Muscat where many land-based species of wildlife reside. Next meet marine creatures like sea turtles that live along the Omani shorelines and the Post of Sur. Finally, sail through the Omani Seas towards the Asian Rainforests and the African coast, before you explore the deep blue sea.
Come aboard for an exciting adventure as we meet animals that Ahmed Ibn Majid encountered along his journey!
Bon Voyage!

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Workshops 1- Young Sailors Workshop 2- Explorers of Oman Workshop 3- Navigators Workshop online form info – the details will go to Personal Detail Name Phone Number Email Company or School Name Sector: Government, Private, Other Visit Detail Date Time Number of Children Number of Guardians Age Group: School Name: Workshop Details as Drop down Workshops: All workshops to be mentioned in the dropdown Tour Language: English, Arabic Payment Method Cash Credit Other Inclusions 1 OMR Meal (Restaurant of your choice) 1 OMR School Photo For more details call: 93335064

Young Sailor

Young Sailor

Young Sailors Workshop Join us on an oceanic adventure as sailors like Captain Ahmad Bin Majid! The young sailors will encounter creatures from different habitats, and learn to distinguish between various species. The workshop will have different zones dedicated to each area of Oman like Salalah, Muscat, wadis, deserts and the Sur coastline. The kids will learn to identify the names, sizes, colours of the wonderful marine creatures of Omani waters and landscape. This workshop is for children from ages 4-6 Price: Starts from 4.7 OMR For more information and to enroll in the Young Sailors Workshop, fill in the form below Form link

Explorers of Oman Workshop

Explore the mysteries of the desert, shorelines, coral reefs or the deep sea in this interactive workshop. The young explorers will embark on a journey to learn about different habitats and its creatures. They will be taught how a species adapts and survives based on their environment, as well as methods to conserve the animals and their habitat. The Explorers will even be presented with props or even a live animal in the session! This workshop is for children from ages 7-10 Price: starts from 4.7 OMR

Navigators Workshop

The Young Navigators will learn the importance of water clarity, the effects of climate change, the dangers of plastics waste, littering and pollution. Age: 7- 10 years

Animals Daily Activities

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Friday Activities

1- Penguin Feeding timing: 3:30 PM. 2- Crocodile Feeding timing: 3:50 PM. 3- Reptile Show: 4-8 PM. This event Attendance is included in the ticket entry for Oman Aquarium.

  • Date: 22/09/2023 02:30 PM - 22/09/2023 08:00 PM
  • Location: Oman Aquarium (Map)
  • More Info: Al Mabella at Oman Aquarium


Silver Package

  • - Adult =8.5 OMR
  • - Child =6.5 OMR
  • - Family (2 Adults+1 kid)= 20.5 OMR

Annual Pass

  • - Adult = 30 OMR
  • - Kid = 20 OMR

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  • Price is 21 OMR & duration of the diving is 20 minutes.
  • The price will be 26 OMR for 40 minutes duration.
  • For more details call: 93315338

Certified divers experience

  • The price is 41 OMR for 30 minutes duration & 51 OMR for 50 minutes duration.
  • For more details call: 93315338